Coffee grounds to remove cellulite?

I have heard this little miracle-myth from a few people lately. They all had little variations on the ingredients, but the overall main factor in each was coffee grounds. In theory, it is suppose to remove, or at least lessen, the cellulite on your body. I’ve heard it most praised for thigh dimples and bulges. Some have said it takes a week or so for results, others have said you see some results instantly. Well, Lord knows coffee grounds is never in short supply in my house! Why not give it a go…

The most common version of this concoction I have heard of is coffee grounds mixed with olive oil in a ratio of 1 Tbsp coffee to 1 tsp olive oil. It says to use used coffee grounds right out of your coffee maker…. okey dokey.

Now for a little “Before” picture. Please keep in mind, this is a horrible angle in horrible lighting, and I’m not even gonna try to ‘lessen’ the blow with filters/editing, as that would compromise the entire experiment. Be kind to my behind! 😛

It says I am suppose to rub the mixture into my ‘problem area’ for 5 minutes. Well.. my whole body is my ‘problem area’, and I didn’t make that much mix, so we’ll just go for my thighs. Hooray for a super messy and slippery shower! If you try this, take extra care to not slip on your ass… I almost did.

After 5 minutes of sanding off a layer of skin, I finally get to rinse, woo hoo! After a quick dry off, we get to take the ever-awkward “After” photo…

Did I notice any instant miracle change in cellulite? Negative. However, My skin did feel super smooth and silky, and it looked a little bit more bronzed. Similar to the effect of a tinted skin lotion.

Do I think this myth will hold up in the long term for cellulite removal? Nope. Would I use it again? Actually, yes. The coffee grounds worked fantastically as an exfoliant, the olive oil made my skin feel super smooth and soft, but not oily, and I like a little bronzing. Maybe it was the coffee grounds, but I didn’t have that slippery after-oil from the olive oil that I normally get when I have tried using it on my skin. The bronzing effect, though minimal, was very even and not streaky like with lotions. I don’t think this is going to do wonders for my leg lumps, but I would definitely mix some up on the fly when I need a quick awesome skin treatment before wearing a short dress or skirt. On to the next myth! See you soon…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coffee grounds to remove cellulite?

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