Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Part 1

As a former church going Christian turned Agnostic Theist, I found this article really right on point in a lot of ways. It is so well written and filled with so much insight, I just had to share it. Kudos to the author, John Pavlovitz. (


You can view the article in it’s entirety here:

Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Part 1.


1) Your Sunday productions have worn thin.

“….Until you can give us something more than a Christian-themed performance piece; something that allows us space and breath and conversation and relationship, many of us are going to sleep-in and stay away.”


3) Your vision can’t see past your building.

“…most of your time, money, and energy seems to be about luring people to where you are, instead of reaching people where they already are.”


5) Your love doesn’t look like love.

“…It feels like a big bait-and-switch, sucker-deal; advertising a “Come As You Are” party, but letting us know once we’re in the door that we can’t really come as we are. We see a Jesus in the Bible, who hung out with lowlifes and prostitutes and outcasts, and loved them right there, but that doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea.”



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