Why you should be using Ionic Steam Rollers….

I’ve never been very good at the “girly” thing. I grew up a tomboy in the most extreme sense. To this day, I can’t even brush my hair without hearing my mom’s voice in my head pleading with child-me to please let her brush out my tangles. Until about the age of 15, I had a strong aversion to all things girly. Hairbrushes, curling irons, makeup, dresses. None of that was for me.

Now as an adult.. not much has changed. I still hate brushing my hair, wearing makeup and putting on a dress. I have learned to do it, but I still don’t like it. By ‘learned to do it’, what I really mean is ‘learned a short cut to make it look like I know what I am doing’. Truth is, I still don’t even know how to properly blow dry my hair. All attempts at doing so have left me looking like a poodle caught in a storm. A lot of this can be attributed to my hair. I have super frizzy, dry and thin hair. It loves to tangle.

hair1 hair2

Dealing with my hair has always seemed like more work than it was worth to me. If you’re not going to do your hair, whats the point of make-up or a dress, right? So yeah.. I’ve just kind of avoided it all. Ponytails, dickies and t-shirts are more my style. Those are easier to skateboard in anyways. Unfortunately, I am a grown married woman. When I have to accompany my husband to a work-related event for his job, I know that I need to make the effort to look more presentable. I’m still not willing to be one of those women that take 2 hours to get ready, but I will put in a little time, at least on my hair, because the hair is really what gets noticed first.

Rewind back about 5 years to my discovery of Ionic Steam rollers. I had grown up with a mother and an older sister who were much better at the ‘girly’ thing than I was. Our bathroom had plenty of hair spray, gel, curling irons, blow dryers, crimpers, hot rollers, foam rollers, etc etc etc. I knew how to use NONE of them. I watched my mother put hot rollers in her hair every morning, and I thought “Hey, that looks pretty easy!” so as an adult woman, I too fell into the morning hot roller cycle. Bring on the numerous ear burns, toilet paper stuffing, and insanely hard to use roller clips. After having rubbed off the felt from my hot rollers yet again, and after becoming tired of the first degree burns being inflicted on my finger tips by the exposed metal of the rollers, I decided it was time for a new set. At the store in the roller-heaven isle, I saw *chime heavenly music here* a box of Ionic Steam rollers. I decided to give those a try, and my ‘lazy-attempt at beauty’ life became much easier. I was so in love with these rollers, that I gave my first set to my mother, and bought myself a second set. Now fast forward to last week.


I had gone to my mothers house for coffee/workout time. I hadn’t done my hair previous to arriving, so I asked her if I could borrow the steam rollers I gave her. “Oh sure, I think they are out in the garage somewhere.”  WTF mom?! She had never even tried them in all these years. My mother was STILL using her old school hot rollers. It takes my mom about an hour to get her hair done with hot rollers. This is counting the prep time to heat the rollers, the time spent putting them all in, and then letting them sit. After she takes them out, a ridiculous amount of hairspray is used, and the curls are still sub-par by my standards. I decided my mother needed to see the steam rollers in action. After she had put in her rollers, and was waiting for them to cool so she could remove them, I unpacked the Ionic steam rollers kit, put my hair in rollers, and then took them down before her’s had even finished cooling. My curls were awesome, my mom was in awe, and she decided to start using Ionic steam rollers from then on. And they lived happily ever after, the end. Ok, just kidding about the end, but it got me thinking. How many other women are still wasting countless hours and ear burns with those god-awful hot rollers? Why don’t more women know about Ionic Steam rollers??  Maybe no one ever told them…..

I don’t like to use any hair product. At all. Not even hairspray. The results you will be seeing in the next few photos are the result of a simple shampoo, condition and air dry. No product was used before, during or after. If you like to use product, then go for it. For the girls like myself who don’t, you can still have great curls in no time with these rollers. My Revlon rollers shown in the picture above cost about $20-30 depending on where you get them. They are super simple to use. You add a little water to the base and turn it on. Within seconds, steam starts coming out. You put a roller on the machine, leave it there for about 5 seconds, take it off and put another on. By the time you finish putting the first one in your hair, the second one is ready to go, so there is no waiting for rollers to heat up. The rollers are not hot to touch, so there are no finger or ear burns to be dealt with. The rollers clips couldn’t be easier. Just roll and go.


I have no makeup on in any of these pictures.. don’t judge me. 😛

Once you have all your rollers in, wait about 2 minutes and then you can start taking them out. Yes, it’s that fast. I use a little spiral wrist motion when I take mine out, to try and keep the spiral curl shape intact.


Once I have taken all of the rollers out, I like to let them sit for about 5 minutes before I do anything to them. This is usually when I might do my makeup (foundation, mascara, tinted chapstick) or get dressed. Your hair will look something like this:


When I am ready to do my hair.. I am lazy about it. I just stick my hands in my hair, and shake them around to break up the curls. Then, if I haven’t already, I finish getting dressed and doing my makeup.


In just a few minutes time, I am ready to go, with very little time and effort spent.


Because the rollers are foam, and not metal, your hair wont experience the same damage as they would from traditional hot rollers. This is especially true of the heat damage, since the Ionic rollers don’t get very hot. My hair is not a fan of holding curls, even with hairspray, but the Ionic roller curls have stayed in my hair for 3 days before (yes, I showered, but I didn’t get my hair wet for 3 days because I was not at a location where I would have been able to plug anything in to redo my hair. Stop judging me!!  :P). So there you have it. The fast, easy, no product way to great curls with little time/effort!

I have even taken these rollers with me to Indonesia, where the humidity usually owns me. The curls held up great even there! Here’s a picture of my husband and I out on the town in Jakarta:


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