What is “Feminism”?

In many areas of society, especially social media, “Feminism” has become a dirty word. If you call yourself a feminist, be prepared for a shit storm to head your way. If someone else calls you a feminist, they probably mean it in a slanderous way. This just goes to show the ignorance of society. After being railed on twitter more times than I count in just the last 24 hours, I decided to try to educate people on feminism in a series of tweets that went as follows:

fem tweet log

The backlash I received and the amount of hate spewed at me was astonishing. Even from ‘friends’ who argued and railed me in private messages for a head-splitting 2 hours straight.

Why? What did I say that was so threatening or inciting? Of course there are always going to be the typical trolls who just want to fight for the sake of fighting, and you can never reason with those people. My shock came from male friends who claim to support feminism and women’s equality, while at the same time telling me how we shouldn’t be feminist and are just messing everything up. When asked to tell me how we are messing things up (repeatedly) I am met with constantly repeated noise about how we’re trying to push for change too fast.  *Floored*

Too fast? Do they not understand how long we have been fighting? What is too fast? We should take our time while countless women around the world are left in horrific states of oppression and abuse? Too fast for who? Not the women who are suffering.

In one of the direct messages I received from a male friend who claims to support equality, I realized something. Many men don’t think oppression is real. They think it is a thing of that past that no longer exists, or only exists minimally.

opression is real


They think we are moving too fast, and they justify it with statements like this:


Now, I’ll admit, the “Men were slackers” comment was uncalled for on my part. Just remember, this is a few hours into a relentless assault I was under for the tweets I had made. I was frustrated and mentally exhausted by this point. My tongue got the best of me. I’m not even posting all of the hate comments and messages I got. I am only posting conversations that are relevant to the real problems that feminism is facing.

The messages went on to say everything from “Women are weaker biologically, so we will never be equals.”, “Men will never accept women as equals, we just aren’t designed that way, take it up with God if you don’t like it.”, “You’re fighting the wrong fight, If you don’t like the way things are, then change the laws and leave the rest of us out of it.” (A giant WTF to that one btw. Seriously.), and so on to gems like “Women are only pushing for feminism so that they can have control.”

This. So much this. No matter how much we try to explain feminism, they just don’t want to hear it. I again tried to explain it in my response to that last one, that feminism is about equality. 50/50. How is equal shares the same as control? Not once did I get a straight answer to any of the questions I asked back to these people mind you.

I decided to try another approach. A strong undertone in almost all of these conversation was that men felt like they were going to be “less needed” and appreciated because of feminism. I again tried to explain that feminists don’t want to devalue men, and we view equality as a two way street. We don’t want men to be confined to a “gender-approved” role any more than we want that for ourselves. I expressed that not needing men to “protect” us didn’t make men any less valuable. It meant that through equality, we have learned to value men as more than just a “protector”. That their value comes from their intelligence, their compassion, their friendship and our ability to talk to them and have relationships with them in ways that we could not do in the past. Unfortunately, all of this fell on deaf ears and was completely ignored as the next line of “I support women, but I hate feminism” diatribe came pouring out.

So what are we suppose to do? I didn’t want to touch on this too much in this article, but I will say that the “extremist” of feminism are not helping our cause. The “I hate men, men suck!” approach is actually in itself a complete contradiction to what feminism is about. Painting men as lesser than women does not equality make. It is in a large part that these women have hindered our cause. They have screamed and shouted their hateful words so long and so loud that the truth can no longer be heard. One of my favorite sayings is “If you want to be heard, don’t give them a reason to silence you.” Spewing hate is a perfectly valid reason to stop listening to someone, and when it is happening because of someone claiming to fly the Fem-banner, it is hurting us all. If we want to be heard, we are going to have to fight on all fronts now. Not just for a change in men or society, but in women as well. Those who truly support feminism are going to have to stand up and not be afraid to call in to check those among our ranks who are hurting our cause. It is hard as a feminist to call out one of our sisters, but it needs to happen. We can no longer sit on the sidelines while they taint the good name of feminism.




8 thoughts on “What is “Feminism”?

  1. Transic_nyc says:

    Good morning.

    Allow me to explain to you why so many are distrustful of feminism:

    1) Feminism operates on the premise that the problems of the world derive from what men do or alleged to have done to women

    This is the first point that set me on a path to question the necessity of feminism. People can choose to do good or to do harm. Women are just as capable of doing harm as men. However, the feminist movement has helped to exaggerate the actions of the latter and to diminish the former. When that happens, we get situations in which female pedophiles, murderers and other criminals are ignored by society by focusing so much on criminal behavior on the part of males.

    2) Feminism seeks to absolve females from personal responsibility

    It’s gotten to the point that women feel that men should pay for whatever irresponsible decisions women make. This is the height of arrogance and it’s little wonder that many men are skeptical, to say the least, of the feminist arguments.

    3) Feminists teach girls to hate men

    The school systems are rife with indoctrination, where girls are favored over boys. Rape culture hysteria is at an all-time high. Females exhibit and try to imitate the worst of “male” behavior like callousness, hypergamy, criminality, infidelity. Many females are open about hating those who are deemed to be beta or low-class. The worst of them live in the major cities of this country.

    4) Feminism does not prevent rape and murder but help to punish innocent men

    The only time feminists care about rape is when they seek to make some political points from it. Otherwise, women and men are left to their own devices. Anita Sarkeesian’s “Listen and Believe” rhetoric is a reminder to men that don’t count on women to understand men’s concerns.

    5) The vast majority of feminists hate men and boys

    I don’t think anyone capable of reasoned thought can dispute this. Go to any feminist rally and you hear the anger, hate, rage and general surliness. Any women who most likely have an ax to grind are the most likely candidates to show up. Feminists are in the academic sphere writing books that promote hate against men.

    6) The feminist movement is just a branch of the far left political group

    Even moderate women aren’t given the time of day. Christina Hoff Sommers has had to use the help of AEI in order to have a platform to express her view.

    All together, they give a very negative assessment of feminism. The feminist movement welcomed the truly misandric women into their circle for convenience. Maybe they thought that these could be used as “shock troops” to get their demands met faster and then left behind when it’s over. If so, that would be irresponsible of them to do.

    However, I suspect that you share these misandric ideas more than you want to admit in this page. There hasn’t been a day when a woman hasn’t complained about a man for whatever reason. Using that logic, it wouldn’t surprise me that that same woman would find it humorous when a true feminist would say something very anti-male.

    I don’t like to see a future when I can no longer talk to a woman for fear that she would have the state persecute me, that I could no longer talk to my own mother or sisters, that I become a second-class citizen because I’m a regular male. Unfortunately, that seems to the direction it’s going.

    Feminism is not for me.


  2. WomenTruths.com says:

    While I thank you for your reply, I must respectfully disagree with it on several counts. You use examples based on extremists behaviour to criticize all feminists. You make claims about “what feminism” is, none of which I agree with or have attributed as part of feminism in my article, infact they are quite contradictory. You make very broad and inaccurate assumptions about feminists in general with no basis, and then continue to even go so far as to call me out as a liar, and assume you think you know who I REALLY am. I quote:”However, I suspect that you share these misandric ideas more than you want to admit in this page.” -end quote- and to that I say..this is my God damn page. I have no problem admitting who I really am here OR anywhere else for that matter. 🙂 Have a nice day and thanks for the visit!


  3. Debbie says:

    Dang it! I had a nice rant going about the history I went through..l will shorten it up by saying that I was an abused wife..Dr, sent me to a shelter home..etc.. It seemed no matter what I did or didn’t do, he found some kind of self justification to let me know physically that he was displeased. I tried to be “the good little wife” but to no avail.
    It did not make me a “man hater”, it just made me more selective,, I will say I love being a woman. I have a wonderful husband now. A husband that is ALL man in every way. He is kind, gentle, understanding and we discuss everything that affects our life. He doesn’t demand his way, we decide together. Sometimes I will agree with his opinion, and sometime he will agree with mine. It’s called partnership and LOVE

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  4. RejZoR says:

    I think the main problem currently is that the loudest people are those radicals who make it seem like whole feminism is being run by radicals. As it is currently, radicals are running the show and people hate feminism because of them. Me included, despite the fact I will always side with equality and women rights.

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    • WomenTruths.com says:

      I agree. What you refer to as the “radicals” is what I refer to as the “extremists”. It is for this reason that I am trying to strongly encourage other feminists to stand up and call them out. We can’t keep standing on the sidelines while they run feminism into the ground and then say “but they’re women so…yeah.”.


  5. Transic_nyc says:

    Other than GamerGaters, some Republicans and CH Sommers, I don’t see feminists calling out other feminists for misandry. They’re more afraid about betraying the “sisterhood” than in understanding the consequences of hurting men and boys.

    They are instigating a gender war and, yet, when people start speaking out against it on Twitter we get an invasion of feminists who try to shut down debate.

    The way things are going there will be a matriarchy in place with the support of the state, de jure if not de facto. I can’t imagine how males would react at that point.


    • WomenTruths.com says:

      Unfortunately, you are correct. It is my hope that if enough of us get loud, we may inspire the others to overcome their fear and speak up as well. It’s not easy. Even tonight I was twitter attacked by other “feminists” but I wont be silenced. 🙂


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