Quick, Cheap & Easy Solutions For Unruly Hair & Skin!

If you have followed along with me for very long, then you already know that I am not a big fan of the “girly” things in life. This is not so much a disinterest in being pretty as it is a disinterest in putting in the time and effort to be pretty. Still, that does not mean I want to go around looking like a tornado survival victim all the time!

I have spent the last few weeks testing out numerous products to deal with some of my least favorite physical features and challenges. Now I am going to tell you about my top 3 favorites for a quick fix.

First we will start with my hair. As you may have recalled, I have horribly frizzy, curly, dry and unruly hair.

before hair

I love to wear my hair straight, but that requires hours spent with a straightening iron. I have tried to blow dry my hair straight, but that leaves me looking like a lion who lost a fight. I’m not a fan of products that are “leave in” such as gels, serums or sprays. My goal was to find a conditioner that could tame the tangles and allow me to blow dry my hair without difficulty. Enter Ionix Deep Conditioner:

ionix hair ionix price

You can pick this little beauty up for about $15-20 dollars. It’s a very big container and should last for a long time. After washing my hair, I left this little miracle worker on for about 5 minutes then rinsed. I then made another attempt at hair blow drying and wow! Normally when blow drying my hair, it tries to fly in every which direction and even manages to wrap around ITSELF forming beautiful intricate knots from hell. Not this time. Blow drying was super fast and easy, no tangles, no hair ripping, no frizz flying about. It was the best hair blow drying experience of my life and the end result was hair good-to-go with no additional products/styling needed!

after hairafterhair2

The next issue I have is with the skin on my face. Through a combination of too much sun, not taking care of it when I was young and putting my head through a window in a car accident, I now have tons of dark spots and scars on my face. They aren’t as visible in this photo as they are in real life, but you can see a few of them here:

before skin

Now, I am sure to see the long term results from the next product, I am going to have to use it long term. I am including it in this list though because it had some immediate benefits that I felt made it deserving. It’s actually 2 products, but I use them together as one and I bought them as a package deal. I present to you Ponds:

ponds darkspot ponds rejuv

I purchased mine together as a package deal from Target for about $7, but you can find it anywhere.

ponds price

I have very difficult combination skin. Some areas get super oily while others remain desert dry. In addition to that, I have very patchy skin that appears in different shades around my face. I applied the Ponds Clarant to my problem area on my cheeks, and then applied the Ponds Rejuveness to all of my face. My skin immediately looked bright, smoother, more balanced and overall a little younger I think.

after lotion

It also made my foundation go on fantastic, which brings us to our next product:

fitme foundation fitme price

My skin is very difficult to color match. For years, the only brand that could match well with my skin was an overpriced exclusive brand that costs a whopping $85 per tiny little bottle. I am not a fan of makeup, and I don’t like to look or feel like I have anything on my face. I need a foundation that is very light, not obvious, can color match well AND still give me amazing coverage for my spots and scars. I normally would have never tried this foundation, but a girl stocking the shelves at Target insisted I give it a go, as she swore by it, so I decided why not? If it fails I’m only out $6.

This. Stuff. Is. Amazing.

It goes on so flawlessly smooth, gives AMAZING coverage and remains totally light weight and unobvious.


Here you can see it on one half of my face. I am sure you can tell which, but just incase.. the left side of the photo has the foundation, the right side does not.


It really gave great coverage on my dark spots and color matched well to all my patchy areas. It wasn’t to dry or to greasy in any area of my face.

So with just these three products and a few minutes of my time, I went from this:

before skin

To this:



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