Cindy Crawford And The Media Agenda

If you have been following along for very long, you know there’s a few things I love to write about. Women, beauty, our “flaws” and being real… journalism, lack of ethics in journalism, and of course, people with agendas.

If you haven’t seen the Cindy Crawford photo by now, then you must not visit any major news sites very often. I won’t fault you for that, most of them are liars. So here’s what happened:

On February 13, 2015, a woman named Charlene White posted a photo of Cindy Crawford on twitter, and the world lost it’s mind.

charlene white

As you can see, according to her twitter, she is a TV news anchor/media personality.

She posted this photo of Cindy Crawford, captioning it with “Cindy Crawford’s April spread in Marie Claire features 100% non-retouched photos. Take a bow Ms. C.”

cindy crawford

The world went mad. People shouted their praises for the real image, and the courage it took For Cindy to allow such an image to be displayed to the general public.

Ok, let me stop the train here. Reality check… Super model Cindy at almost 50 years old looking *gasp*… still better than most of us. Come on people….

Yes, the photo shows “flaws” (read: reality of aging), and is certainly not of the caliber of photo we are use to seeing of Ms. Crawford, but really? “She’s almost 50 and has some cellulite! How brave of her to show us!” – Oh please. Of course she has cellulite! Were you all not aware that most of the photos you see of celebrities are “enhanced” (read: photoshopped beyond recognition)?? For almost 50, she looks fantastic. I can only hope to look so good at her age. Hell, I’m not even sure I’m on her level at my CURRENT age. But let’s not blow this whole thing up on a pedestal it doesn’t deserve. And I really mean that.. because half of this was a lie anyways. Back on the train we go!

Ms. White then follows up the twitter fan explosion with a few interviews.

To CNN she says “Women come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes,” “I think it’s important to see all sorts of body shapes on our screens and in our magazines so that people have a true reflection of what people look like.” (1)

To Good Morning America she says ““I thought I would tweet the picture because I found it incredibly empowering to see someone as beautiful and iconic as Cindy Crawford in her natural form,” (2)

And to Cindy Crawford she said.. nothing. Because apparently Ms. Crawford wasn’t in on the loop about this photo. She apparently didn’t know it was going to be released and never gave such permission. In addition to that, this photo was not even part of the “April spread in Marie Claire”. In fact, this photo was taken during a shoot for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America back in 2013.

Here’s a youtube video released for that: Cindy Youtube Video

Go ahead and watch it, it’ll only take a few minutes, I’ll wait. It’s kinda relevant to what I am about to say next.

Done? Ok good. Now, after having seen that video, there is no doubt that there must have been hundreds of amazing photos of Cindy from that day. She looks fantastic in that video! So why was this photo chosen? Why did a TV personality go out of her way to post a photo of a celeb, picking what can only be assumed to be one of the worst ones she could find, and post it online, without the celebs permission, claiming it was from a photo shoot that it was not even from? Why?

There’s a few possible answers, and none of them are good.

1.) Personal dislike of Ms. Crawford. Wanted to take an opportunity to attempt to shame Ms. Crawford in a cleverly disguised way that didn’t “look” like a shaming attempt? I know, that’s a little bit “conspiracy theory” but I’m just throwing it out there. Not really expecting that one to stick. 😛

2.) Personal agenda. What better way to boost ones own public image than a scandal like this? Especially cause she can claim “oops, my mistake, I didn’t know. I was just trying to empower women!” – Before you knock this theory.. it worked didn’t it? Look how famous she is now… and she isn’t taking very much heat for the giant lying F’up either. Which she should be though because…

3.) Just really shitty fact checking. Maybe she somehow had NO idea that she was completely wrong on almost every count in her post. Wrong photo, wrong year, wrong magazine, and let’s not forget not including the celebrity herself in the loop! How can someone who works in media AS THEIR CAREER not know better than to make such an obvious “mistake”?

Anyway you slice it, this was a giant screw up and there needs to be accountability for it. Media needs to stop getting a free pass every time they make a “mistake” or really just flat out lie to us.

Ok, jumping back off of the ethics train for this final part:

Cindy looks amazing in the photo. If the photo does serve to make some women feel better about themselves somehow, then great. If it serves to make some feel worse, because maybe you are around her age but look nothing like her, and you are seeing the media call her body “flawed” and maybe it is making you feel even worse about your own in comparison.. dont. (run on sentence there.. catching my breath…) Her body is hardly “flawed”. How skin that has been on this planet for nearly 50 years can look that good is beyond me. Most of us, even at a decade plus younger don’t have skin that looks that good. She is not the standard for beauty at 50. She is just one example of one version of beauty at 50. In some ways this photo is worse than a photoshopped photo. At least with a photoshopped pic, we can say “Well of course I don’t look like that, no one does. Not even her. It’s been enhanced.” but with this photo, it can be harder for some of us to digest because this is what she really looks like, and we STILL can’t compete with that. But you know what? We don’t have to. We need to stop letting the media push us into competition and comparison with each other. Feel beautiful about yourself and who you are, and that confidence will allow others to see your beauty too. Anyone who can’t see your beauty just as you are has issues. They are most likely ugly on the inside and are projecting their self hatred onto you. Are these the kind of people you really want to have in your life? Are these the kind of people you really want to let determine how YOU should feel about how you look? Embrace your own beauty ladies. Be the standard you want set for the world! Love you all!



3 thoughts on “Cindy Crawford And The Media Agenda

  1. RejZoR says:

    It’s these women magazines that set impossible standards for women. No wonder they are constantly frustrated if you need millions in cash, a whole team of stylists and a professional with Photoshop to make you look fabulous. And they seem to be absolutely obsessed with it for the most part.

    Men on the other hand (me included) like to see perfect women on TV, internet or magazines, but we kinda know it’s just that and that reality is a bit different. I’ve seen quite some women in their 40’s who looked stunning in real life. I’d by lying if I wouldn’t admit that…

    Liked by 1 person

    • says:

      Not just the magazines. Now days, I think we are doing it to ourselves! It is a comfort hearing from a mans point of view that you guys *know* the girls in magazines are not “real” though. That is the biggest tool of the brainwashing magazines. Trying to make us think that this is reality and we aren’t living up to it. Thanks so much for taking the time to share a mans point of view with us! *Hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

      • RejZoR says:

        Only thing that I generally prefer enhanced are the eyes. And not like overdone with tons of eye shadow/eyeliner with kilometer long fake eyelashes and all, just some eyeliner and maybe eye shadow that gives them some depth. Just a touch of it to still appear natural, but with some more depth.

        Something I absolutely hate about myself every time I look in the mirror and I see that bland stare, while knowing I can’t really do anything about it because I’m a man and man are expected not to use makeup. If they do, they are instantly considered gay. Been there, tried that and have seen that with a roughly 2 weeks long experiment of using black eyeliner… So many questions from everyone about it just because I as a man had some black color around my eyes… And feminists bitch about sexism and objectification of women heh…

        For me, eyes are very high on the scale of visual traits on a woman. Even higher than breasts and booty. Which sounds weird and totally gay again, but I’m pretty confident I’m still very much straight hehe 😀


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