Gorgeous Eye Pencils That Last FOREVER!!

I have an obsession with eye makeup.. I have watched endless youtube videos/tutorials… tried a million different products…and the end result is always the same. One of Three things happens…

1.) – I try the intended eye effect with disastrous consequences that fall somewhere between “Cheap prostitute” and “Rodeo clown”.

2.) – The product does not apply to my skin as it appears to do on others, and I can not seem to achieve the desired effects or if I do, it doesn’t last for long before it has either rubbed off my skin, or just simply rubbed, leading to dreaded raccoon or horror house actor effects.

3.) – The product is AMAZING….. and about $80 out of the price range of what I am willing to spend.

If you are able to relate to any of the above, then I have super news for you!

I have found the Holy Grail of eye makeup. It’s not a powder.. its not a creme… its not an over sized eye crayon that brings back childhood memories of “That’s very pretty honey, but you should really try staying within the lines!”

It’s an eye pencil… that goes on like a crayon…. and stays on like a tattoo. And it comes in a variety of fantastic colors that are sure to please all.  Words and photos would never be enough to do this stuff justice, so for that reason, I have decided to do a video review. I rarely do video reviews, so you can see how much I must REALLY love this product for me to crack and do one.  😛

No smudge, no smear, water proof eye makeup that goes on smooth and flawless and can SERIOUSLY last for days and comes in a HUGE variety of colors.. Sound to good to be true? I thought so too… until….

lancome drama pencils

Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencils.

Wanna see these bad babies in action? Watch the video below….

So I think that video pretty much sums it up! I love em, I swear by em, and they have replaced almost every eye shadow I have, as well as lip liners and eyebrow pencils. It also makes having my makeup with me on the go a LOT easier, since half my makeup kit now fits in a small pocket of my purse! 😛  I really thought I was getting too old to get away with bright eye colors, because I looked stupid in every attempt at using them over the last five years, but these pencils have given my eyes new life!

Thanks for reading/watching, I hope you enjoyed and *Hugs* to you all!

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