The Epilady Legend

A year ago, I did a review on the Epilady Legend 4 on Facebook.


A friend from Facebook requested that I do a reprint of the post here on my website. Despite all of my searching, I was not able to find all 3 parts of the original post, but I was able to track down some of it. Just for shits & giggles, I’ll go ahead and post them here for your entertainment 😛

Soo… My sister got me the new generation of Epilady for Christmas. I finally decided today that I would give it a try. I have one word for it: “omfgomgomgthatsonofabitchhurtslikeamother”. If you look up this word in the dictionary, there will no doubt be a picture of this blasted tool of torture. Anyone else tried this thing since the 80’s?


Soo…It’s a torture device that functions the way 50 tweezers strapped to a wheel of death would, if being operated by your worst enemy who also had a great disdain for body hair.

Right now I think I need to find a special way to thank my sister for this “Beauty by Satan” device she was kind enough to gift me with.

After a little alcohol, I think I might give this torture device another go, and document my experience on Facebook for other women, lol!


Part 1

I’ve only had 1 beer, and so far here is the outcome… angle is everything! closely followed by direction…. after fiddling around with this thing on my leg for over an hour, I have finally figured it out. It has to be held at a nearly upright angle. Too far in any other direction will cause it to miss. The direction you move it in (with or against hair growth direction) determines the pain/time ratio. Against the growth as with shaving: hurts like hell, but goes much faster. With the hair growth direction: far less painful, but requires several passes over the same area. About 15 minutes after hitting an area, a lot of little red bumps pop up, but seem to fade out in about 30 minutes to an hour. Stay tuned for further updates! Next up: Girly bits and the dreaded under arm experiments!


The Epilady Experiment – Part 2

Yesterday we explored the joy of the Epilady Legend 4. Finding the words to describe this… thing… are rather difficult… probably because I don’t think too well while I am experiencing blinding pain.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I decided to take it a step further today and try it out on the girly bits! Because I am insane!

While it did prove to be more effective in that area than it was on the legs.. there are some parts of that area which are very difficult to maneuver around, especially considering the angle requirements of the machine. It does seem to pinch the skin a bit more often in that area as well.. a sensation I can only describe as feeling like your soul has just been murdered.. that’s right.. I said your SOUL.

Pain and difficult angling aside, I don’t recommend attempting the entire area at once, unless you can do so quickly. There reaches a point where I think your nerves just go into shock, and you no longer feel the pain anymore.. but that is only temporary. The pain then returns with a vicious fury and proceeding further at that point is near impossible. Also, the time frame for the bumps we previously discussed to appear is about 15-20 minutes in this area. And once they do.. oh dear God. It looks like someone assaulted your girly bits with a damn fly swatter! All that being said.. if it really does keep that area silky smooth for the next 4-6 weeks.. I will absolutely continue to endure this sadist-inspired hair removal method once a month. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 3 – the underarm adventure!

I was unfortunately unable to find part 3  :/  Also.. the torture device resulted in bleeding and ingrown hair issues like I have NEVER experienced before. I have since returned to good old fashioned shaving or waxing.  😛

One thought on “The Epilady Legend

  1. Shanna says:

    agreed about the ingrowns part… took me like 3 months to get these dark brown bumps to go away!! (though picking them was quite a satisfactory experience….I was fascinated by pulling an inch-long hair out of the bump :P)

    I still use it, but i interject with regular, skin removing, shaving…and a LOT of regular exfoliating!

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