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Coffee Grounds To Remove Cellulite? – I will try just about anything for my thigh lumps.

Why you should be using Ionic Steam Rollers…. – These little hair miracles provide a better, quicker and longer lasting curl than traditional rollers or curling irons!

Quick, Cheap & Easy Solutions For Unruly Hair & Skin! – Dark spots, wrinkles, frizz…. Check, check and check.

Because some days you just need a “Me” day…. – manicures, pedicures, spray tans and eyelash extensions, oh my!

GORGEOUS EYE PENCILS THAT LAST FOREVER!! –  A review of Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencils eye makeup.

The Epilady Legend –  Reprint of an old review by request. 🙂

Cute Hair In Under 5 Minutes! – Part 1 & 2  are now up!

Chick Shit:

Random Icebreaker Post – Lets start this off right….

One Of My Dirty Little Secrets: I Love Teen Novels.. – Yes, yes I did like the Twilight books.

Women Who Matter – Lisa Ritter – Real women who are my heroes.

What Is “Feminism”? – A reminder of the true purpose of feminism and how the extremists have hijacked the feminist bus.

Cindy Crawford And The Media Agenda – Why are we sooo obsessed with seeing celebrities at their worst?! Just kidding, I know why. 😛

The Other Side of Body Shaming…  All women of all body types can be shamed.

The Walk That Almost Wasn’t… – An adventure in attempting to be more active and healthy.

Dating Guides For Men: Are they right? – Taking a look at the accuracy of the advice being given to men…

More health issues and booby madness! –  The journey so far…

Everything Else:

Advice On Transgender Youth Situation

Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Part 1 – A very real look at the derailment of the modern church.

Not a gamer? Why #GamerGate should still matter to you… – #GG is a war on gamers as well as true feminism.

Open Letter About #GamerGate To All Media:


reaching out for your help

How we gender confused the world – I have had it up to HERE with all of the new “gender appropriate” terminology!!

THE RETURN OF STUPID STUFF… –  An explanation for the MIA status. my apologies…