Just a quick update!

First off, Happy Holidays everyone!


Things have been SO crazy around here, I haven’t really had a chance to post in awhile. Good, bad, ups and downs.. I’ll make this a quicky version.


I had another round of health issues that took me out of commission for a few weeks, but I think I am finally on the upside of all of that and getting better.


I’m a huge gamer as most of you know.. Halo 5 & Fallout 4 both came out recently, so a lot of time was spent lost in the digital void, lol!


It’s that time of year! Holidays are always a super busy and stressing time of year, but totally worth it. I love the family together time! I actually have almost all of my Christmas shopping done, hooray!


The last month has been a super busy one for Rescue Truths. Several of our little ones have found new homes for the holidays!

bell maribell

Bell & Maribell went to a home together and are doing well.

bandit yin

Bandit & Yin each found new homes, and Yin is being spoiled rotten by her new family! We have received a ton of adorable photos and videos of her!


Cutey Zeta had a harder time finding a new home, and I cant understand why. She is such a loving sweetheart! Thankfully we were lucky enough to get hooked up with a rescue from San Francisco that will be finding an amazing home for miss Zeta up in the bay area!

Anyways, I hope to get back to writing as soon as the holidays pass. Hope everyone has an amazing year and an even better new year. Oh and.. Happy Holidays from little miss Yin and her new fam!

holiday yin


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