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A canine rescue organization, brought to you by Women Truths (

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There are already several rescue organizations for high risk and abused animals, and that is great, but what about the others? Many stray and abandoned animals run our streets, constantly facing starvation, illness, injury and even death.  They are not abused, so they don’t qualify for most rescue organizations. If they don’t get hit by a car, they will most likely end up in a shelter and be euthanized. Before that happens, many will breed more strays and the cycle will keep repeating.

It would be impossible to rescue all of these dogs, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help as many as possible. Most of these unwanted canines are very sweet and loving and would make wonderful family pets, if given the chance.

Rescue Truths’ aim is to help as many of these animals as possible. They are taken in and given a safe environment where they can be cared for until they are ready to find a new home. In our care, they receive any needed medical attention, immunizations, spay/neutering and most importantly, love. When they are ready to move out of our care, Rescue Truths does not charge their new owners for adoption, not even a “re-homing fee”.  We just want to see these dogs matched with the best possible families who will love and care for them.

Because we do not charge an adoption fee to new owners, our cost to rescue these dogs can get pretty expensive. Without proper financing, we are very limited on how many animals we can take in. Our long term goal is to have a full time, large volume facility to take in as many dogs as possible, but we can’t reach our goals alone. We need the help and support of fellow dog lovers who would like to make a difference.

If you would be interested in supporting our mission, please donate and help save the lives of these animals! No donation is to small, and anything helps!

Rescue Truths GoFundMe

Thank You Donators!

*Update* 1/22/2015

Bandit, Mae, Yin & Belle just got home from the vets office. They had their spay surgeries yesterday afternoon. Everyone is doing great and comfortably recovering 🙂

pups after surgery      pups sleeping

*Update* 1/27/2015

We had a little incident yesterday, in which Belle knocked Yin off the couch. That normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but apparently Yin landed in a way that caused her insane pain. Her legs went straight out and her body went completely stiff and unresponsive on the ground for a good 3 minutes before she started having what appeared to be a seizure type reaction. We immediately rushed her to the vets office for an emergency check up. They said that she didn’t appear to have damaged anything (spine, neck, stitches) and that it was probably a response to the high level of pain, but that it could have been the onset of seizures that just happened to coincide with when she fell. They gave me some high strength liquid pain killer which is about the equivalent of doggy morphine and said to keep an eye on her for any more signs of seizures. She is doing much better today 🙂


*Update* 1/31/2015

Yesterday we had another little emergency, this time for the Siberian Husky, Ama. Yesterday morning, one of her two beautiful blue eyes had turned a bright neon orange.  We immediately rushed her to our local vet for an evaluation and tests. They were very concerned that it was something serious, but they had never seen anything like it and did not have the equipment to figure out what was going on. Our vet got on the phone with a specialist and the specialist advised that this situation needed immediate action. Unfortunately, the specialist was located in Los Angeles, so we loaded Ama back in to the SUV and made the 3 hour drive to LA. The specialist determined that Ama, who is only 1 year old, had developed cataracts in BOTH eyes, was losing her vision and the orange eye was inflamed. The cataracts are aggressive and fast growing. The swelling and inflammation would not go down, no matter how many drops were given, so he sent us back home with 3 types of medicine for Ama.  She has to be given the medicine and drops several times a day for the next week, and then she will return to the specialist in LA for further evaluation. Hopefully she will be a candidate for surgery. We are in need of help to cover Ama’s medical bills. It’s not fair that such a sweet girl should lose her eye sight at such a young age. 😦

IMG_0048.JPG IMG_4975

For those that don’t know. Ama was rescued from a puppy mill at 4 months of age. She had been confined to a 6 foot by 6 foot cement cage but only had one small corner of space for herself, as most of her cell was filled with stacked furniture. The entire floor of her cell was covered in feces. Her only human contact had been that of abuse. Ama had serious special needs and trust issues when we got her, as well as a major skin infection. Ama has already had a difficult life and it is not fair that she is having to suffer even more with losing her vision. Please help us do all we can for Ama!

*Update* 2/7/2015

Ama had her second visit with the specialist in LA and the news wasn’t good. In just the last week alone, the cataracts have progressed at an alarming rate. It is necessary that she has the surgery to remove the cataracts as soon as possible to preserve as much of her remaining eye sight as possible. She has been scheduled to return to LA for pre-surgery tests in 2 weeks and will be scheduled for surgery a week after that. While we want to do everything we can for Ama, we are in a difficult situation. Ama’s medical bills for her eyes after the surgery will be over $8000. Rescue Truths is supported primarily (99%) out of our own pocket and we do not have the funds available to cover the costs of her bills at this time. We aren’t sure how we are going to make it happen for Ama, but one way or another we will make it happen. I am calling upon all of our fellow animal lovers to please help in any way you can. If you can afford to donate to our gofundme account, we would be grateful. If you can not, we understand. Times are hard financially for a lot of people. We would also appreciate it if you showed your support by sharing this page everywhere you can. Twitter & Facebook are great places to start! We thank you for your love and support of our animals!

*2/20/2015* Please read this:

*2/22/2015 update*

Ama had another visit with the specialist in Los Angeles yesterday. We had some good news and some bad. I’ll start with the bad first.

The Dr. performed some more tests including some retinal tests. There was fear that because the lens of her left eye was shrinking, the pressure could cause the retina to detach, causing permanent blindness in that eye. The results of the test showed that the retina has in fact started detaching. She could go completely blind in that eye any day now and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about it.  Procedures that might work for other dogs wont work for her because she has very little eye color pigment (it’s complicated to explain). Our Dr. is going to consult with a retina specialist for a second opinion.

The good news is that her right eye has been responding well to treatment and, with surgery, should be able to retain almost full vision and function. Our doctor assures us that dogs have an amazing ability to compensate for vision loss and that it should not cause very much impact on her life.

Even more good news: Due to the financial strain the rescue is under right now, our amazing doctor is taking time out of his own personal life to write letters on behalf of Ama to try and get donations to cover some of her medical costs!  It wont be enough to cover them all, but everything helps and we are so thankful for all that he is doing for Ama!

9/30/2015 –

Sorry, I haven’t had time to update this page or the website. Things have been crazy busy lately! I keep saying “I am gonna get on and update today” to myself, but then life just kinda goes “eh heh… no you aren’t. Look what I have for your to do instead.. enjoy!”  and some crazy thing happens!  I promise as soon as I get a chance, I will do a full update, including on Ama’s eyes, all the other lover dogs we have and a feature on one of our newest editions to the Rescue Truths family (she’s SUPER cute!).

We are still in need of as much financial help as possible, so if you would like to donate, please visit our donation page at

10/6/2015 – Where to begin in this update…

I guess I will start with Ama.  Our efforts to raise funds for Ama’s surgery did not go to well, but we do thank everyone who has helped donate so far. Every little bit helps and means the world to us!  Thankfully, my husband and I were able to secure a loan against our house to help cover the continuing costs of running our rescue. At this time, Ama is doing well. Though she still suffers from partial blindness, it has not seemed to progress much over the last few months. We have not had any more incidents of the terrifying orange-eye inflammation episode, but we continue to monitor it closely. Ama herself seems, for the most part, unaware of her diminished vision and continues to be a super hyper and active Husky. She spends most of her time glued to the side of our largest dog, Charlie. 😛


I also mentioned I would post a photo of our newest edition, Zeta! (Pronounced like “Beta” with a Z.. yes, I am that old 😛 ). Zeta is the smallest dog to join our rescue family, and was found on the side of the road, a tiny little ball of dehydrated bones. Her age was estimated to be about 8-10 weeks.  In the few months she has been with us, she has grown dramatically and is almost the same size as the malty-mutts we have! She has filled out nicely, her black coat is now super soft and shiny (it was very dull when we found her) and she has more energy than half of the other pups combined!  It is for this reason that it is very hard to get a photo of her, the girl just wont stay still!  I did managed to get one… unfortunately, it was taken during nap time… in one of my laundry baskets. 😛


I believe she has picked up her sleeping habits from Maribell…


Notice any similarities? lol

Bandit has decided that the tops of couches or anything else that has a pillow is her preferred resting location..


Belle Is more partial my computer chair at anytime I vacate it…


Yin and May prefer to rest on people… and I use the term “rest” very loosely with these two.. hahaha!


And last but not least, our only other male in residence besides Charlie… Yang. He is less interested in resting than he is in following people around just to see what they are up to.. he is very much a mama’s boy 😛


So that’s the rescue family at this time! We love them all and are so blessed to have them in our lives. We thank you all for your continued support of our rescue efforts and in showing love to our little rescue pups! If you would like to help us be able to continue rescuing these four-legged luv bugs from the streets, shelters and puppy mills, please take the time to make a donation on our GoFundMe page. Every little bit helps and we hope to eventually raise enough to be able to set up a large care facility with staff. (NOT a shelter!) We want a large ground property with tons of open play space and loving staff that would like to help in the care of these babes through friendship, playtime and bonding.

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  1. RejZoR says:

    I’ll give a shoutout to my fellow GamerGaters. We’ve helped fund stuff before, why not help animals this time around…

    I have a dog as well, she’s a westie and I know how it is when things go bad. And I’d do anything to make things better for her. Seeing such a nice dog going blind at such early age would be really tragic.

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